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More than 60 years of experience support us as an innovative company specialized in the construction, repair and maintenance of port machinery, tank trucks and tank trailers. The experience acquired over time allows us to develop new patents and products that prove Silva’s reliability, performance and productivity, as well as our capacity for innovation.

Silva’s origins date back to 1950, the year in which D. Manuel Silva Collado founded a small ship repair facility in the port of El Musel (Gijón). In the 1960s, due to the increase in port traffic and the naval industry, it began to develop new services such as boilermaking, repairs of unloading breakdowns, electrical equipment, and so on.

In 1976, the company diversified its activities, initiating the manufacture of equipment that had previously only been repaired and expanding its facilities. In the early 80’s, the manufacture of aluminium tanks for the transport of dangerous goods for the trucks of the former CAMPSA began. In addition, by patenting in 1979 a vacuum absorption loading system (Patent No. 475521), stainless steel tanks for the collection and transport of dairy products are being manufactured.

On the other hand, the introduction of new regulations, the complete integration in the Economic Community, new legislation on workplace prevention and safety, the CE marking for machinery, as well as concern for the preservation of the environment, has led us to develop products as diverse as Anti-Dust Ecological Hoppers, Automated Weighing Hoppers, Spraders for unloading rails or logs, etc…

Our innovative nature combined with the increasing demands of users and citizens for a better quality of life, together with modern environmental regulations, urged bulk handling companies to increasingly use our designs and that this proprietary technology, already with years of experience (the first “ecological” hoppers that we manufacture are operating since 1997), and continue to present innovations (in 2.002 we registered the patent of an Ecological Self-propelled Hopper model with Flex-Flap, suction and dust collection), impacting strongly on the market and achieving a reputation throughout the national, island and peninsular territory, as well as internationally, with customers in Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Guinea Conakry, Dominican Republic, Arab Emirates, Australia, Israel, Brazil, etc..we are currently expanding into new markets.

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The facilities consist of three industrial buildings with a floor area of about 5,200 m². Their location on a 11,000 m² plot in Avenida de Eduardo Castro, adjacent to the El Musel Port allows the company to optimize its processes and transport to the Port, as well as offer new products and services.

The three buildings are 100, 70 and 50 metres long respectively, all of them are 20 metres wide, and the maximum height is 19 metres, at the entrance to the main building.

To facilitate traffic to and from the buildings, the site has different entrances and exits on the Avenida de Eduardo Castro and on the El Musel Port roads.

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