Ecological hoppers for Biomass. Port of Tyne , Newscastle, Uk

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The UK Government plans to start up several biomass plants as an alternative to coal-fired power plants. One of the phases of this project was the choice of the technology to be used to manipulate biomass in ports.

As a result of the joint work with the technical department of the Port of Tyne, 3 models of ecological hoppers have been developed over the last decade.

Patent of the Air Blade antidust
system for Eco Hoppers

To meet the environmental requirements demanded in the United Kingdom and due to the volatility of dust produced by the handling of biomass pellets, it was necessary to incorporate some other complementary system that would prevent the emission of biomass dust from the hoppers, in addition to the suction by dust colector, already developed and tested in our hoppers for clinker discharge.

As a result of this need, our engineering department developed, for its construction and incorporation in the hoppers of the Port of Tyne, an UPPER CLOSING SYSTEM BY AIR CURTAIN driven by the same fans of the dust collectors that already have the hoppers, to which a system of ducts was coupled, flap valves driven by the PLC system, diffusers, etc., which formed a laminar flow of compressed air in the upper part of the hopper.

This laminar flow, which according to studies using computer models should reach a speed between 4 and 6 m/sec. would be able to create a closure of the upper mouth of the hopper, which would prevent the emission of biomass dust residues that had not been absorbed by the original hopper suction system.

Sistema de eliminación de residuos patentado

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